5 Most Common Psychological Complexes Among People

5 Most Common Psychological Complexes Among People

What does it mean to be a complex person?

If you’re looking for a simple definition,

“A complex personality is a person who forms his own opinions, questions everything, is naturally curious, is fluid in terms of his beliefs and points of views, and is not dependent on external constructs to decide how he/she might react in a particular social setting.” – Suburban Wordsmith

Everyone has some psychological complexes, here are the 5 most common complexes. Before that, I just wanted to say that you are beautiful and there’s no need to change yourself for some people whose job is just to criticize everyone for no reason. 

Love Yourself and Learn To Accept Yourself

5 Most Common complexes

1 – Attention Seeking Complex:

A person having this kind of complex always wants someone’s attention and recognition. They exaggerate about the difficult situations they face in life. Such individuals make other people feel that they have a lot of responsibilities on them but they also have the courage to handle those responsibilities.

People with this kind of complex seek attention and validation by pretending to be sick, depressed, or by continually bringing the conversation back to them just to make themselves feel better.

Remember one thing that you can do anything if you want to.

Life is all about ups and downs, happiness and sorrow, flaws, and difficulties, but you can find a solution to your problems and become a boss. You don’t want people to look after your problems when you can do that by yourself.


2 – Complex Of Guilt:

A person suffering from this complex usually blames themselves for everything that goes wrong. They are an overthinker too. They often lie or cheat to prevent possibly imagined and magnified consequences. They are very afraid to offend others and often full of self-loathing. They need to overcome this fear otherwise they would destroy their lives. This complex will sometimes also lead to depression.


3 – Perfectionism Complex:

People having this kind of complex hold themselves to impossibly high standards. Some people believe that perfectionism is a healthy motivator, but it can make them feel unhappy with their lives. It can lead to anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and low self-esteem. It can also lead you to stop trying to succeed.

Perfectionism can affect young people as well as adults. They will think that they are not successful as compared to others and may try to overachieve for these unhealthy feelings. People need to relax and think about it. They can focus on one task at a time and accept that everyone makes mistakes and those mistakes are learning opportunities.


4 – Inferiority Complex

People having this kind of complex might experience different things:

      1. Insecurity and low self-esteem.
      2. Negative self-image.
      3. Being sensitive to criticism.
      4. Unable to reach your goals.
      5. Experiencing anxiety and depression.


Inferiority complexes can not only hurt you but those around you as well.  

Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses; there is no reason why anyone should feel less confident than others.

The main thing is that living with an inferiority complex isn’t something you have to just put up with. It’s something that you can break free from and you deserve to have healthy self-esteem that lets you feel strong, happy, and confident again.


5 – Persecution Complex:

The person having this type of complex believes that they are being ill-treated. With this complex, the person is going to find it extremely difficult to trust people. They begin to develop a belief that everyone is somehow trying to hurt them in some way.

For example, in case a person suffering from this complex goes to a restaurant and the waiter brings the wrong order, they feel as if the waiter has done it on purpose to irritate them. People need to understand that no one is going to harm them mentally as well as physically unless they permit by themselves.



    1. You need to be kind to yourself.
    2. Practice self-care, not just to your mind but to your body and soul as well.
    3. Eat healthier food.
    4. Practice meditation.
    5. Go out and enjoy the things that you love doing.
    6. Take care of your needs, and hopefully, everything else will get easier.
    7. Try to surround yourself with people who uplift you.
    8. Be with the people who make you feel that you’re enough. You will notice a big change in your life.
    9. Learn to say no and practice the art of ‘silence’. You don’t always have to tell everyone everything just to seek validation. This only distracts you from focusing on yourself. Instead, learn to appreciate the art of being silent.
    10. You have strengths. Look for them. Take out a piece of paper and write everything you are good at. You’ll find that you have more strengths than you believe.
    11. Talk to yourself. Learn to have an inner voice that encourages you.
    12. Try to eradicate negative thoughts and cultivate an inner voice that affirms your strengths instead of negating them.


Try to overcome these complexes and make yourself worthy, because

You Matter

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5 Most Common Psychological Complexes Among People

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