Moment of Bliss


a state of complete happiness

Life is made up of bricks of moments. Moments of joy and sorrow, pleasure and pain, appreciation and depreciation, and many more.

It is unpredictable. A series of inconsistencies. An ever-changing experience filled with priceless moments that cannot be brought back.

Have you ever experienced such a moment where nothing seems to bother you? 

Your past, your future, your aims, your regrets, nothing. For at that moment you are only there.

Nothing around u makes sense. Time seems to just stop.

You are completely indulged in the present. And the only thing you feel is ‘ Happiness ‘; complete and pure happiness.

    • When your playing board games with your family and u catch your brother cheating!!!
    • When you leave your chocolate in the fridge for later and find out your sibling ate it and next moment your running after them!!!
    • When you and your cousins are running and screaming wildly while playing in your grandparents’ home!!!


    • When you look up to your friend for help in examination hall only to find out they’re already looking at you!!!
    • When a group of five share one lunch box!!!
    • When you and your friends are singing your hearts out with your unmelodious voices!!!


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These moments are rare and these moments are special. They cannot be relived. So be in that moment and enjoy life. Enjoy every bit of it.

Fill your body with the hunger of happiness. So you may crave and look for it.

Appreciate every moment around you. You never know when is the last time you see a person. So be caring. Show love. Make others feeling special. Speak your heart out. You may never get a chance again.

Life is all about these little moments. And it is about finding your moment where all you feel is contentment, pleasure and satisfaction.

Where you feel completed.

the most beautiful part about life


Find your bliss


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