aim and shoot

To achieve, acknowledgment of both factors in life is vital. Sadly, some of us do not reach where we wish to, the desiring destinations, attaining achievements, and succeeding in the goals. And I believe it is because of a fear that restrains us from taking a step ahead as giving it a try. It may happen due to the experiences we go through or is not motivated.

On the other side, some of us only shoot the targets without having goals, and targets that become a reason for not achieving in life.

To try and get failed is better than not trying and having regrets.

So, to get achievements, having and utilizing both principles is certain. First, make it very clear what you desire, then shoot on the right target at the right time.

May you achieve, what is good for you.


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Hi! I am 21 years old, a student of Chartered Accountancy. Iโ€™ve been writing since 2016 but started writing for anthologies and different other platforms in 2019.

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Aim and Shoot

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