Ali Sadpara and The Eight Thousanders​

Ali Sadpara and The Eight Thousanders​

Muhammad Ali Sadpara was a 45 years old Pakistani Mountaineer from Sadpara Village in Skardu. After completing FA from a government college, he started his journey for the love of mountain climbing.

Ali Sadpara &
the Eight Thousanders

There are 14 peaks in the world with a height of 8000 meters or above called the “Eight Thousanders“.

Sadpara’s Dream was to scale all of those 14 peaks and he successfully conquered 8 of them. He is also the 1st of the Pakistan who had conquered Nanga Parbat in the winters of 2016. While pursuing his dream, He disappeared along with two other mountaineers, Iceland’s John Snorri and Chile’s Juan Pablo Mohr, while climbing the second highest peak K2 on 5th February, 2021.

Sadpara was living his dream and also raising the green flag of Pakistan at the highest peaks of the world without moral support. He was doing something for Pakistan.

But i have some questions...

  • How many of us knew about him before his disappearance?
  • How many of us knew about his achievements?
  • How many of us knew what he had done for Pakistan?
  • How many of us knew that he was on a mission to summit K2 without oxygen in minus 60 degrees?

is it necessary to get the deserved respect, love, and recognition after being lost in one's own country despite having great achievements?

He always deserved this recognition before getting lost in the snowy mountains. He always needed these prayers when started his mission but he was receiving those prayers now. When no one had any clue about him. 

Because of Muhammad Ali Sadpara, Pakistan got big achievements in the shape of getting recognized in mountain climbing.

but sadly, Ali Sadpara is no more

On 18th February 2021, Ali Sadpara along with the other two mountaineers were declared dead in the press conference held in Skardu by Sajid Ali Sadpara, Son of Ali Sadpara.

“K2 has embraced my father forever,” Sajid told the presser. “To all the climbers who appreciate Ali Sadpara’s achievements and look up to him, I promise that I will carry on his dreams and missions and will continue to walk in his footsteps.”

He thanked the government and the military for the rescue operation in highly hostile weather. He also thanked the Pakistani nation for their love and support and their prayers for the safety of the missing climbers.

Later taking to Twitter, Sajid said, “My father Ali Sadpara and other climbers are no more in this world. “To God we all belong, and to Him we shall return.” He also requested everyone to pray for his father’s forgiveness in the hereafter.

Sajid Ali Sadpara's
Press Conference

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Ali Sadpara and The Eight Thousanders​

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