Anger: A boiling lava within us

Anger: A boiling lava within us

Anger , also known as rage is a normal human emotion . Anger symbolizes feelings such a frustration, irritation, annoyance, bitterness and much more. But when such a feeling gets out of control , it leads to chaos. 

A boiling lava within us .

Anger is directly associated with our achievements. Sometimes when we don’t get what we want , it stresses us . It makes us feel unworthy and annoyed both at the same time. At such moments we start to blame , be it another person or ourselves. Either way it leads to unfortunate events.

When we’re angry, we take it out on someone or somewhere. We urge to make certain decision because it seems right at that time. We take certain steps which we hadn’t if we weren’t angry. And later on regret every bit of it.

Every person on this planet is far different from the other. Therefore, we all have different ways to express anger.
    • There are people who take their anger out on materialistic things. They break them, throw them on walls, smash them on ground. This drains all of their negative energy out and thus returning them to their calm state.
    • Then there are also those who take it out through words. They yell, scream at others, put the blame on them, accuse them for the cause. By this way they drain out all the frustration and their heart becomes pure of anger.
    • Some try to hide it in them. Bury all the negative emotions deep in their hearts. This way the negative energy doesn’t get drained out and rots them from the inside. These negative emotions begin to take over. Thus, changing them forever.
    • Lastly comes those who take it on themselves. Every time they are frustrated, every time they are stressed, they hurt themselves, be it physically or mentally. They blame themselves for what is happening to them. To overcome this grudge, they start to punish themselves. By doing this they feel relieved. It calms them. It relaxes them.
Anger: A boiling lava within us


You don’t have to punish yourself for what is happening to you. This doesn’t mean that you’re unworthy, that you don’t belong among the others.

Ups and downs are a part of life. Anger is normal. No person in the world is born without this feeling. But the only difference is that what we do with it. How we control it!

Ways to reduce anger

Taking out all the anger is a necessity. But this doesn’t mean it should come out in a negative way.
    • The first thing you should do is try to depict the person you love the most in this world. Imagine them in front of you. Recall the moments that made u happy, the memories that bring you joy. This will help to soothe your facial expressions. It will spread a sudden calmness across your mind.
    • Afterwards try to do something that eases you.
    • It could be anything healthy. Anything which will help you relax.
    • It could be any of your hobby or simple things such as cleaning, cooking, baking, exercising, listening to music or even better; going on a walk.
    • When you’re angry, try not to engage with others. So that you may not say things to them which later on you’ll regret.

Try to be alone.
Take deep breaths.
Get some fresh air.

    • Try to recall the things that trigger this anger. Memorize those things. Try to avoid such situations which arise this rage inside you.


I know this seems easy to say yet it is far more difficult to implement. But we have to try. Reaching such level of self-control isn’t a one day job, for it takes a lot of time. But in order to begin the journey, we have to take our first step. And for such a self-improving and self- beneficial journey, we shouldn’t hesitate.

Just remember, don’t take your anger out on yourself. You’re not the one to blame. In fact, no one is. Life is a series of ups and downs. This shows that you are alive. If your life becomes a straight line, then the question arises: Are you even alive?

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Anger: A boiling lava within us

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