Child Abuse : Types, Causes and Child Help

Child Abuse


“Any behavior that harms a child. It can be physical, neglect, emotional and sexual harm.”

Today, I am writing about a very sensitive issue that is ‘CHILD ABUSE’.

If you’ve been abused, or know someone that has, it’s essential to let someone know. The effects of abuse on a child are serious and long-lasting. No matter when the abuse has occurred, whether in the past or it’s something that’s going on, you can get help and support.


Child abuse is unacceptable and should be eradicate from the society.


Any use of physical strength against a child that doesn’t happen by accident and causes injury.

For example: Slapping, Hitting, Biting, Beating, Burning, Punching, Scratching, or Choking a child. The child may develop cuts, scars, bruises, broken bones, or even death, depending on how badly they were beaten. Never allow someone to hit you or excuse the action even if they apologize.


Denying a child love, not giving particular attention towards them. Bullying, Yelling, Isolating, Criticizing, Ignoring and shaming causes emotional abuse. The child may become emotionally, socially or psychologically underdeveloped.


Any type of sexual environment between a child and an adult. Sexual abuse, however can be explicit or implicit. This can cause them to fear intimacy.

As a result, it’s just not loneliness or alienation that will experience growing up but they will never feel safe again. It’s a very complicated form of abuse because of its layers of guilt and shame. Exposing a child to sexual situations or material is sexually abusive, whether or not touching is involved.

Why it happens?

Child abuse is never okay. Some cruel people do this because of the desire or they do it because they themselves experienced this.

Another most important point is, it is usually done by a closed family member. Sometimes we become too helpless that we end up our lives. Never trust anyone even if they are your closed family members. If you feel unwanted, it’s important to speak out.



Raising children is one of life’s greatest challenge. If they grew up in a household where screaming and shouting or violence was the norm, you may not know any other way to raise your kids.

The only way to finish this is that parents have to play their roles in children’s life. If ever happen this, they should be supportive. And they should be aware of what is happening around. If they suspect a child is suffering from abuse or neglect, it’s important to speak out.

Effects of abuse on a child:

    • Shame
    • Self-blaming
    • Fear of getting close to and trusting people
    • Anger towards the abuser
    • Flashbacks, nightmares
    • Sadness, confusion
    • Unable to concentrate on learning new things
    • Psychological issues

How you can get over it and seek help

    1. Talk to someone whom you trust. This could be a friend or trusted family member. It could also be a police officer, doctor, teacher, counsellor, therapist or psychiatrist.
    2. Remember that it’s not your fault. If you look at kids who are the same age as you were when it happened, you can understand how defenseless you were at that time. Instead of blaming yourself and regretting about it, help those who are going through this.
    3. Learn about child abuse and its effects.


Child abuse is a difficult subject that can be hard to accept and talk about it. So, catch the problem as early as possible. Make yourself strong because you’re not alone.


SUpport services



National Child Abuse Hotline:

(1-800) 4-A-Child

Pakistani Helplines:

Child Helpline: 1121
Rescue Service: 1122

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Child Abuse: Types, Causes, and How can you seek Help

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  1. It’s getting worse day by day. Children face such things whether it is physical or sexual abuse. It’s important to speak out and seek help from an organisation.
    Stop child abuse!

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