How to Endure and Overcome Life's Hardships


People think Life is so hard.

Life is hard but at the same time life is not hard as it seems. It just depends on how we see things.

There are few things which we need to understand:


Life is completely based on UP’s AND DOWN’s and every one of us faces these things in our life .. but you should have the capability to handle the things.


Everything in our life is planned by our creator so make your belief strong on ALLAH ♥️


Few things aren’t hard but we make them so hard by pressuring ourselves so stop pressuring yourselves and try to live in a flow.


Few things started bothering you, just try to tolerate and handle them but if they still bother you just stay away from them.


Everyone is independent in his/her life so each person deserves to be happy in their life. Start respecting the things which make you happy.


Don’t ever try to torture yourself on the things which are not yours or which have not happened yet .. soo many people I saw in my life who started torturing their selves just by assuming future things so learn to be in a flow.


Stay away from Toxic people who disrespect you, who don’t know your worth, and devalue you it affects your mental health in different ways.


Learn to let things go because nothing is permanent in this world not even your life so enjoy the moment and celebrate the moment you have right now.


Always modify yourself with good habits and a good mentality.


Surround yourself with good people with whom you grow towards a positive world.


Try hard for the things you wish to have in your life but make sure you are not forcing yourself towards the things which are not yours because they hurt you so badly.


Choose people wisely to get close but don’t ever depend on something on someone, no one breaks your strength till you are independent.


Value the things or people who are persistent in your life because this shit is so rare not everyone gets that twice in life or sometimes not once in their life.


Learn to admit your mistakes, and don’t put pressure on yourself to admit wrong things.


Take life easy live with good intentions and make yourself very clear that nothing is permanent.

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How to Endure and Overcome Life’s Hardships


4 thoughts on “How to Endure and Overcome Life’s Hardships”

  1. Really nice blog but just be careful with spelling as you said “creature” and it should have been Allah is our “creator”

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