Life and its Pieces of a Jigsaw Puzzle

Life and its Pieces of a Jigsaw Puzzle

life is like a puzzle.
only if you fit the pieces to the right places, you will see the beauty of it.

Life gives you many things.

Sometimes it blesses you with amazing people. While other times it tests you.

It sometimes even gifts you with jigsaw puzzles.

Puzzles yes.

Each part given has its own importance cause without any of the pieces the end is near yet far. So instead of blaming the fate of people around you.

Start focusing.

Focusing on those pieces to make them turn into an absolute yet grotesque picture. So atleast you have the idea of how to carry yourself and carry your dreams rather than having an eye on someone else’s life or perhaps blaming them for the consequences you faced.

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Life and its Pieces of a Jigsaw Puzzle

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