Limited Resources: Unlimited Desires

Limited Resources: Unlimited Desires 101

This phenomenon gets used in the field of Economics related to scarcity. Simply, it means no one can earn everything which one wishes. The saddening part is that we do not understand that the principle of accepting realities is an important aspect.

We are running towards perfection that is causing us troubles, directly and indirectly. But still, we do not acknowledge it. 

The greed of wealth has made us blind. 

It has become the criterion for many to judge others with status, wealth, and money. Unfortunately, such a mindset is being made in society, causing crevices in our relationships and even with ourselves. 

Limited Resources: Unlimited Desires 101

None can deny the fact of a good with the bad in life. As an old Chinese philosophy, ‘Yin and Yang’ expresses a lot about contrast such as cold and hot, night and day. In a nutshell, it tells that the presence of good and the bad in the same place. How you perceive, acknowledge, and implement is what matters the most. 

Your actions define who you are.

Once, a wealthy man went to meet his friend through rickshaw as they had to go somewhere. His friend got surprised as the wealthy man owns cars and luxuries but still decided to travel through local transport.

They sat in a rickshaw and moved towards their destination. During their journey, a wealthy man started talking with the driver, and he shared his critical situations through which his family was going.

When they reached their destination, the wealthy man took out a lump sum amount and gave it to the driver, without mentioning further. The driver was astonished so was his friend.

Friend asked the wealthy man about a reason for choosing local transportation, and he replied, ‘I do for the sake of those who might be in need and do not speak much about it.’

The reason for telling this story is to portrait that your actions speak louder. If you try to make yourself a better person, enhance not just intentions but your tone too. 

As intentions matter: your tone matters, too.

Everything here owns limitations, but it never means not to try for those who are in need.

Despite facing troubles, make a will to share what you earn with others. Weather fix a low percentage of your earnings but create a will and determination to bring betterment for the needy and poor. 

May Allah SWT bless you. Ameen.

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Limited Resources: Unlimited Desires

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  1. This whole blog speaks of much if the reality but the following cited line wins the heart:-
    “…enhance not just intentions but your tone too”

    May we be helped by ALLAH PAAK to the right path..ameen

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