Looks to Impress Your Loved One

Looks to Impress Your Loved One​
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Whether you want to look cute, flirty, or bold, don’t forget to turn up the love this Valentines’s Day with your face. Looking back to history Egyptians were the first women to wear makeup.

From cute chic to bold beauty, one can try some different looks to impress loved ones.

Here are few tips on how to achieve different stylish looks for the day with few curated looks:

1- Cute Chic Look

Any guy will fall in love with a girl who is super cute and makes him go warm and fuzzy on the inside!

For a cute chic look:

  • Use a cream foundation which is often the easiest to blend.
  • Use a foundation that gives superior coverage and maintains a soft creamy matte look on the skin.
  • Add a hint of blush to bring out some color to your cheeks while the classic black liner can be used to create an easy, classic eye.
  • Apply mascara softly for an approachable style.
  • Finish with a matte lipstick in the fuchsia shade (a purplish-red color) that adds a matte finish to complete your Valentine’s Day look.

2- bold beauty look

Up your make-up game with a bold look for the day!

  • Use a foundation that is super blendable, creamy, and even has a mattifying core that slows your make-up to last through the humidity and busy day whilst still feeling hydrated and secure.
  • Brows can be filled in with any brow pencil.
  • A black liner can be put to good use for a fiercely exaggerated cat-eye liner on the upper lid and gel pencil in lustrous sapphire on the lower lid. Not only does this look appear strong and edgy but also makes your eyes seem bigger and brighter!
  • A water-proof mascara holds up the lashes.
  • A nude lip color maintains a laid back balance to the overall makeup.

3- Flirty fun look

A playful look for your Valentine’s Day will bring out a fun vibe between you and your date!

  • Make sure your mascara rules the day with your dramatic eyes. Applying mascara to the lashes is equivalent to what good lingerie is to a girl!
  • The mascara gives a good lift to the lashes and brings out a bold look with the use of a black liner.
  • Use the liner in tandem to softly wing out an otherwise classic eyeliner and also on the waterline.
  • The facial tone should be evened out with a full coat color sensational creamy matte lipstick in craving coral.

points to keep in mind

  • If you’re not easy using foundation then you can apply firstly cold cream then a little amount of BB cream.
  • Spread evenly. Don’t overdo it using a highlighter or bright eye-shadow.
  • Before using lipstick make sure to apply lip balm at first.
  • Choose color wisely, not too much dark nor bright.
  • Make it clean.
  • Go with natural basic looks that make you look more pretty.
  • Even and Simple!

Look gorgeous with these perfect Valentine’s Day looks and present the most confident version of yourself!

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Looks to Impress Your Loved One

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