My Emptiness Completes Me

My Emptiness Completes Me

We meet people at every turn of life, which makes us believe if goodness exists.

The space voided by the left ones remains unfilled, usually. Even we meet new ones, the temper of being a friend gets dull.

In this whole time, the perspective of realization about the completeness or being self-sufficient is an important aspect.

Being lonely never means to be left as it can be termed as being self-enough, as well. The element of perfection is an illusion for humans.

To be broken is to be wiser.

The more we allow ourselves to get shattered, the ample light will reach to our hearts and souls, and ultimately the state of being self-sufficient is acquired.

The principle of acknowledgment about what happens; it happens for good is also an important aspect. Because sometimes we put ourselves in the bulk of disappointments and agony due to the downs which we go through.

Maintaining a positive mind helps one to bloom aptly.

So, the emptiness which one owns is a blessing as it allows one to have sufficient room to be with self.

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Hi! I am 21 years old, a student of Chartered Accountancy. I’ve been writing since 2016 but started writing for anthologies and different other platforms in 2019.

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