Note to Self

Through this journey of life, many individuals hurt us on the way. They hurt us in manners we could’ve never imagined. Their behaviors and actions cause us pain, torment, and trauma. Yet we somehow end up forgiving them; giving them a second chance.

But when we fail ourselves in life, when we neglect to prove ourselves worthy. We never forgive ourselves. We blame ourselves for everything and we never allow ourselves to have a second chance.

Despite the fact that we know we can never purposely hurt or fail us.

Why is that so?

If we can forgive the entire universe regardless of hurting us, leaving us vulnerable, undervalued, and disregarded.

Then why can’t we forgive ourselves for the slip-ups we make? Why can’t we simply allow us to have another chance and start new?

Dear Self

Quit being so difficult on yourself. Figure out how to adore yourself with all of your imperfections. Excuse your missteps and appreciate yourself. When you fall, figure out how to get up without hating yourself.

It’s okay not to be perfect. It’s okay to be you. It is okay!

You are complete even in pieces.

Everything will be alright. Everything will eventually come out as you had planned.

Dear self: Be Happy!

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