Our mere existence

What is our mere existence?

We all are lost souls wandering across the seas trying to find the purpose we’re here to fulfill.

Everyone comes into this world with a motive, a contribution they ought to do.

Little or massive yet there is. No one is sent here without one.

Despite the scale of your contribution, the universe is incomplete without it.

It is incomplete without u.

The creator has sent us here with a cause we’re ignorant of.

All our life we see ourselves as to how others declare us, by the label we’re given by society. We do as we’re told. We don’t attempt to discover who we really are, what we’re supposed to do, or what we’re supposed to be.

I am not different. I am like you. For years I’ve seen myself as how I’ve been depicted. Not knowing who I truly am.

For years I’ve asked myself:

Who am I ? and I sayI don’t know.

What is my purpose? I sayI don’t know.

To this very day, I am still unaware of it.

Possibly it’s not the right time, perhaps I’m in the wrong place or maybe it’s right beside me and I’m too busy looking for it in other places.


We all are a chain. A chain in the fulfillment of the universe. Without each other, we cannot exist. No one is more dominant.

Try not to see yourself any less. Know your worth. Just like others you too have a reason.

You too are a step towards the greater good of the universe.

Go. Go and discover yourself. Cause only when you find yourself , you will find that little contribution of yours.

Find it and fulfill it.

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Our Mere Existence

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