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Ranchers Cafe

Hello everyone!

Here I am with the first post of 2021. So, Happy New Year You All.

I celebrated new year’s night in bed while having my ๐Ÿ•pizza which I order online from Ranchers Cafe in I-8 Islamabad.

Rancher's Cafe Location

What I Ordered:

I ordered “The Big O Deal.”

So, you can get 2 medium pizzas of your choice in just Rs. 999 along with a drink.

They are having some fantastic deals, check them out from their website.

I am having Ranch Special Pan & Chicken Fajita.

Snapchat-860246527-01 - Rabeea Anwar
Snapchat-1619103496-01 - Rabeea Anwar
Ran special was having a huge amount of cheese โค๏ธ You can also have
    • Thin Crust Pizza
    • Pepperoni Pizza
    • ย Margherita dob
    • Chicken Tikka


The Big O Deal in just Rs. 999

Ranch Special


Chicken Fajita




Give it a visit. They have two branches, one in Rawalpindi and one in Islamabad. They also have good deals and other stuff on the menu.ย  You can also Order Online from their website.

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Ranchers Cafe Review | I-8 Islamabad

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