Responsibility: It starts with you

self responsibility

Trust yourself

You need to make yourself capable and responsible enough so that at least you can trust yourself.

Before taking any responsibility your gut feeling should give you a positive response.You should provide yourself with enough confidence and eitmaad that you believe in yourself.

Be responsible

The other people may trust you or hand over a couple of responsibilities to you on the basis of their relationship with you but what if they’re ever asked that do they solely trust you on the basis of you being responsible enough (your own self, like the way you are) or because they have the no other choice.

Work Upon Yourself

If they either have to think before replying or their response is not in your favor. Then the distrust might leave you in a state of disbelief or sadness for a while, but if you think over it, you’ll realize that you need to work upon yourself. You need to remind yourself that you should fulfill all the responsibilities and the words that you have promised someone or at least yourself.

“Accountability and self-responsibility are critical to our success in personal, professional, and public life. However, we often look for those character traits in others, rather than inculcating them in ourselves.”

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Responsibility: It starts with you

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