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Liberalism is one of the most talked about concepts in today's society, yet most Pakistanis never learned what liberalism is or stands for. The result is ignorance and vulnerability to misinformation.

What exactly CHILD ABUSE is? ‘any behaviour that harms a child. It can be physical, neglect, emotional and sexual harm’. Today, I am writing about a very sensitive issue that is ‘CHILD ABUSE’.

Uncertainty, anxiety and feeling lost have become all-too-common amid the coronavirus lockdown. Can social media detox help us climb out of this spiral?

This phenomenon gets used in the field of Economics related to scarcity. Simply, it means no one can earn everything which one wishes. The saddening part is that we do not understand that the principle of accepting realities is an important aspect.

Psychological Complexes Among People. Everyone has some psychological complexes, here are the 5 most common complexes. Before that, I just wanted to say that you are beautiful and there’s no need to change yourself for some people whose job is just to criticize everyone for no reason.

My name is umm.ibrahim,Italian/Algerian,living in Sweden, Instagrammer/YouTuber, photographer, polyglot, entrepreneur and dawah woman

In the wake of the Gujranwala Motorway incident, a question that did rounds on social media was: “How can men play a role in uprooting the systemic rape culture in Pakistan?” I came across wide range of opinions on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Body shaming is one of the biggest problem in today's generation. Society not only degrading a woman's body but also degrading a man's body. It has become a problem for both genders. Body shaming is causing teens now-a-days to be insecure.

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