the art of letting go

Life as we know it is just a series of experiences. For some, life is a party . It is filled with moments of joy, affection, love and warmth. A collection of memories filled with nothing but satisfaction. But with this comes those whose life is all about struggles. An endless journey of deprivation, misery and hardships. 

For some life is a bed of roses as for others, a bed of thorns.

The only constant in life is change.

For me, life is all about beautiful lies , yet the only truth about it is change . Life isn’t meant to be easy . It isn’t supposed to be linear. It isn’t meant to be smooth. Yet It is ever evolving and changing. A constant surge of ups and downs .

However when such events hit us, we ask “Why?”. We start to grumble, we start to complain. What we don’t realize is that we’re supposed to feel this pain. We’re supposed to experience loss. It doesn’t mean we deserve all this .

It’s just a part of the unexplainable journey that we’re living . It’s just a part of what makes us human. It’s just a part of what makes us “US”.

In this cruel journey we forget how beautiful life actually is .We forget how miraculous each day can be. Rather we start to live in those experiences. We start to hide behind our shadows . The courage to face the world after being let down drowns us away. We cannot get over the things , the loved ones we lost . We refuse to embrace this change , we refuse to accept it even to ourselves . We start to drown in our thoughts , telling no one of our sufferings .

We stand with a hundred with a smile on our face but deep down just a hallow empty soul. This emptiness entirely breaks us. The fears, the regret , the trauma that is buried in our hearts start to escape and it shatters us.

Soon , something which was somewhat bearable starts to destroy us. We begin to distant ourselves from the world finding a way to somehow end all of this. We begin to wreck our lives which ultimately effects the lives around us . We stop to live in the present . Fairly we just stop living . We are breathing but we be not . We forget that life is a series of thousands of tiny miracles. We don’t always get the closure or the experience we want .

The Art of Letting Go

But my dear it doesn’t mean that we should stop .

Remember the sun shines the brightest after the heaviest storm. 

As quoted by Rumi: 

“Do not grieve . Anything u lose comes round in another form.”

We shouldn’t prevent ourselves from achieving the things we’re capable of . We shouldn’t deprive ourselves from such opportunities . Rather we should take this time to groom ourselves , to learn about our weakness and to overcome them . 

To surpass every obstacle that comes in our way to success. We shouldn’t let our past ruin our future . Remember everything happens for a reason and whatever we go through has the best interest . Those who desire for ever-ending happiness forget that sunshine all the time makes a desert , as for greenery , rain is essential .

No soul ever existed who hasn’t experienced sorrow . Moving on doesn’t mean to forget the tragedies , for it means to learn from the mistakes , to rebuild yourself from scratch . Forgetting isn’t easy , impossible to be precise because it makes us who we are today . Without such events can you really see yourself being what you are today.

Learn to be patient . The breath that you just took is a Gift.

Be grateful for the moment your living . Let go of your past . Forgive yourself for your mistakes. Make yourself strong . Give yourself time to grieve . Give yourself time to accept . It will take time but I promise the result will be beautiful. Move on not for others but for yourself . Look in the mirror and smile.

You’re beautiful. You’re amazing .

Don’t let anyone make u think otherwise.

It’s just a storm darling ; it will pass !

Remember ; 

If u must look back , do so forgivingly. If u must look forward , do so prayerfully. However , the wisest thing u can do is be present in the present Gratefully!!

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