Art of Silence

Areeba Tariq
April 02, 2021

art of silence

In the past few years, I’ve learned that the more time you spend in silence, the more powerfully it will impact your life. By practicing the Art Of Silence, I discovered some of my deepest inner wisdom. I’m grateful to all the people and things that enable me to make time for myself, care for myself so that I can be the best, most stress-free, and happy. I feel like I’ve become a new person. The happy version of myself.

“Silence Is Peace”

This phrase is so short, yet so full of wisdom.

This silence, this moment, every moment, if it’s genuinely inside you, brings what you need. Live in silence – Rumi

Silence play a great role in our life. It has a certain energy like no other energy source. It has the power to get people to think and to act, it can help slow the mind down, and sometimes it can remove all the frustration of our mind.

Few people take this word in a sad way but this word is the most peaceful thing for me. It has been a year that things have changed and silence became a part of me

The art of being silent has been lost in this generation. We’re always ready to fight, love to be in unnecessary arguments, and show rude behaviors to each other. People just don’t seem to realize that sometimes it is important to just be quiet.

” Actions speak louder than words”

famous quote

Lastly, a small message to all of you

Silence gives you more patience. Silence provides you with a sense of calm. Most importantly it can lead to happiness.

When seeing or hearing something that sparks a strong reaction, the expected response is one containing emotion.  Responding with silence, or after you can process what is experienced is practicing self control.

” Let silence be the art you practice”

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The Art Of Silence

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