void inside me

The void inside me, I don’t know what it is.

For long I’ve looked for it, to complete it, to fill it. Having all the gifts I actually felt vacant. Joy there was nevertheless no unceasing satisfaction.

What is it? For what reason do I feel along these lines? What am I missing throughout life? For what reason am I disturbed?

I don't know

Having a family who loves me more than myself, having certified companions who are consistently there for me, getting all that I desire for, Then why? Would it be that I’m absent?

This vacancy inside is slaughtering me. It’s floating me separated from the miracles I have.

Gradually however progressively, I’m separating myself from everybody.

Gradually yet step by step, I’m beginning to loathe my life, and myself to be more exact.

To not damage others from my emptiness I shut myself in. Attempting to discover the explanation behind my pity.

Not having any desire to do anything, feeling only averseness.

However, as I shut in I understood.

Nothing is absent in my life. I with the gifts of God have all that one could ever want.

“But then what is this feeling?”, I kept asking.

And afterward, it hit me.

The void that I’ve been attempting to fill is nothing but myself.

For long I searched for it in people, things or spots. Just to discover it inside me.

The void which is slaughtering me has only been myself.

I am the missing piece.

I am the parasite.

I am the one being ungrateful.

I am simply the person who’s removing myself from my family, friends and my life.

My life is complete. Utter joy there is.

what's more?

With this acknowledgment, I feel cheerful. I feel that void getting filled. I’m again beginning to see the shades of life and appreciate each expansiveness I’ve been blessed with.

The thing I’ve been missing for such a long time was ME.

From this I knew, we are our own casualties.

When we feel complete, only then we are complete.

There could be no alternate way!

Try not to go after yourself. Adore and love every individual and everything around u.

We don’t have a clue when we will be taking our final gasp.

We don’t have a clue when we bid our last goodbye.

Be Happy

 With yourself. With your loved ones. With the things, 

You have yet mostly Your life.

You just live once. <3

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The Void Inside Me

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