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Unsung Heroes Of Pakistan

Areeba Tariq
MARCH 3, 2021

pakistan heroes

Pakistani students continue to make the country proud by impressing the world with their great achievements.

Current Literacy Rate Of Pakistan In 2021:

As of January 2021, Pakistan vows to raise literacy from 58% to 70% in four years by providing school access to approximately 22.8 million students, improving the education system for all age groups through the application of modern technological resources.

  1. Primary: 22,650,000
  2. Post-Secondary: 1,949,000
  3. Secondary: 2,884,400

Let's talk about inspiring youth of Pakistan and their great achievements:

zara dar

Zara naeem:

Zara Naeem has made a world record of topping among five lac and twenty-seven thousand students of 179 countries doing ACCA.

more info about her:

She belongs to a military family. she’s the youngest child among three. Her father is a military officer while her mother, a house-wife. Zara also has an interest in the field of art and sports and still aims to achieve more.

“I remember I said to my father that my exams are on the very next day, he said no you can do it, you have to do it,” she said in one of her interviews.

Zara has credited her academic success to her father.

“My father always encouraged all the girls in the family to pursue their dreams and smash all artificial barriers”, she said.

A Pakistani cricket umpire Aleem Dar congratulating her niece Zara Naeem Dar for making Pakistan proud by topping the ACCA exam. He added: 

Like Zara, any Pakistani youngster can also make the country proud by performing to the best of their abilities in their respective fields.

dr zubaida sirang

Dr. Zubaida sirang:

Another national pride, Dr. Zubaida Sirang, an eye surgeon of Chitral, has become the first Pakistani doctor whose book – entitled “Optics Made Easy; The Last review of Clinical Optics” – has become “Best Ophthalmology Books Of All Time” by the Book Authority.

more info about her:

Dr. Zubaida Sirang belongs to Yarkhun, Chitral, KPK, and is the holder of an MBBS degree from Agha Khan University, Karachi. Currently, After graduating from AKU, she stayed in her hometown and served the people of her country for more than two years. Currently, Dr. Zubaida is completing her specialization in Surgical Ophthalmology from Ireland. Dr. Zubaida is the only author from Pakistan who was able to make it to the list of the Book Authority. There are plenty of books available on optics which is actually considered a difficult subject. Dr. Zubaida has made a wonderful effort in order to present the subject in the form of easy-to-remember.

A quick, effective and enjoyable book, which I would recommend to every student of optics for a review of this subject – Dr. Irfan Jeeva, Ass: Professor And Service Line Chief (EYE & ENT), Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi, Pakistan.


Team of ghulam ishaq khan university students:

A team of Pakistani students, from the popular Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Sciences and Technology (GIKI), have won the competition against their peers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Stanford University. The competition had participation from students from all across the globe. Including institutes such as MIT, UC Berkeley, and Standford. GIKI has got second position in Design, Build and Fly competition and they beat MIT and Standford, the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics hosted it.

more info about them:


The team has used advanced manufacturing techniques. It included 3D printed parts and a pod and boom aircraft configuration to get their design ready. The team’s proposal for the unmanned aircraft scored 85.9. It was first best in Asia whereas it rated the second-best globally.


qaswa mubarak hussain:

Qaswa Mubarak Hussain is Pakistan’s youngest female to beat all the stereotypes to achieve this particular position. Talking about her profession, she said: ” Flying is magical but it’s also very professional.

more info about her:

Qaswa is a resident of Rawalpindi city. She was a medical student and then left college to pursue her dreams of becoming a “commercial pilot.” She is also running a charity organization named DASTAGEER. She aims to help the needy through this platform. Qaswa, being a girl, had a lot more hurdles to face. She did it, so can you.


muhammad ali sadpara:

Muhammad Ali Sadpara was a Pakistani high-altitude mountaineer. He was part of the team that succesfully completed the first-ever winter ascent on Nanga Parbat in 2016. Further more he has successfully ascended Nanga Parbat four times in his moutaineering career.

more info about him:

He was the youngest of eleven children, and eight of his siblings did not survive childhood. He married when he was 19 and had his first son, Sajid Sadpara. Later on, he had more three children. Ali Sadpara had successfully climbed eight of the 14 (eight-thousanders) on Earth. His first climb was Gasherbrum II, located in the Karakoram range and his last climb was K2. He went to the mountains but never returned. He was tough and brave. Muhammad Ali Sadpara is a very nice man. Soft, clean, and genuine soul. In short, a gem of a person.

“Mountains demand passion. The heart needs to be in love with the mountains”, Muhammad Ali Sadpara had said in 2016.

hamad safi

hammad safi:

Hammad Safi, an eleven years old kid, is known to be the youngest professor and the youngest journalist. He has so far delivered lectures on various topics in different universities. His focus is to educate the youth on how to make a good living and successful life by means of getting the practical knowledge and implementing the learned knowledge and teaching it to others as well.

more info about him:

Hammad Safi belongs to Peshawar, provincial Capital of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. He is currently studying at the Super Kids School System. He also heads Super Kids Program (Islamabad), that he runs to help other kids polish their skills and abilities to become confident enough to cope with challenges of life. Kids like Hammad Safi are the examples of National Heroes.

arfa karim

arfa abdul karim:

Arfa Abdul Karim was a Pakistani student and computer expert who became the youngest Microsoft Certified Professional in 2004. This is not only surprised her family, her institute but also bewildered the Microsoft team. They couldn’t believe a girl only at the age of 9 could pass the exam. This caught the attention of Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft. He invites Arfa and her parents to visit the Microsoft Headquarters in Redmond, Washington.

more info about her:

Arfa Karim was born in Faisalabad, Pakistan in 1995. She was only 5 years old when she first saw a computer in her school. By demanding a new computer, her father bought her a computer. Her father observed her extraordinary skills in using the computer and decided to enroll her in an IT education and training institute. She was a fast learner. She had big dreams and ambitions. Unfortunately, she died in 2004 due to a heart attack, at the age of 16. In her honor, the government of Pakistan built a science and technology park in her name in Lahore, Pakistan. It’s called the Arfa Software Technology Park.

More achievements of some bright students of Pakistan:

It is worth mentioning that in 2020, due to coronavirus, there were no physical classes possible. STEP took the challenge and started online preparation for entry tests. Results of National MDCAT, ECAT, and NUMS are proof of its success in this new mode of learning and preparation and have scored top 3 positions in National MDCAT 2020. Muhammad Ehsan Arshad got 1st position with 197 marks. 2nd position was scored by Hafsa Ijaz with196 marks and 3rd position was shared by 5 students; Syeda Samar Hamdani, Amber Fatima Ifthikhar, Saleem Baig, Mohsin Rashid, Sanam Altaf, and Nabil with 195 marks.

” Education is one thing no one can take away from you.”

These young Pakistanis are the pride of Pakistan. There are many inspiring stories of our young youth changing the world, we just need to look around us. This is only possible due to education. Let’s hope people like these inspire us all!

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Unsung Heroes Of Pakistan

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