Ways to boost your self-esteem and ease your partner's stress

ways to boost your self esteem

Is your partner dealing with bouts of depression?

Try easing his/her stress as it may also boost your self-esteem.

A man’s self-esteem gets a boost from supporting a depressed partner.

For women, receiving support from their partners led to increased self-esteem and reduced depression in the future.

effort matters. make it as much as you can.

 Make partner feel better about themselves. Efforts from a partner to help alleviate stress may prevent the development or worsening of mental health problems. and in fact, could help keep the relationship healthy.

The study has shown that women with higher-self-esteem and men with fewer symptoms of depression received more support from their partners in times of stress.

healthy mind, healthy relationship

Those who have better mental health to start with may have the capacity to reach out for support when needed and are better able to manage stress on their own, but they are likely not the people who would benefit most from a partner’s help.

But helping your loved one stick it out through a bout of depression can help their future mental health.

Stress takes a toll on physical and mental health, as well as close relationships so that support can help a person better cope with it.

When we experience stress, especially high levels of stress, we are particularly vulnerable and perhaps that’s why partner support in those times is so impactful and last-longing.


Two different people cannot always agree on the same thing so there are arguments.

At that time do you always blame to you partner or try to figure out and make it a sense?

Don’t always try to be dominating one by giving your reasons and proving them right. And also don’t always be the compromising one. The more understanding you become the more healthier and happier becomes the relationships.

Compromise leads to a healthy relationship

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Ways to boost your self-esteem and ease your partner’s stress

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