What to Learn from the Coronavirus?

Learn from the coronavirus

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم و الصلاة و السلام على من لا نبي بعده

My dear brothers and sisters,

today we are facing a great trial but do we really see the wisdom behind this?

Do we really understand the message Allah wants to send us?

This coronavirus showed us such sad things SubhanAllah and one of them is that: People fear the virus more than they fear Allah

Let's see why :

    1. People fear the virus because they fear to die but Allah has told us way before that we will die one day yet we don’t fear it as if it’s not coming!
    2. Those who sinned and went to mixed places and dancing parties hated and mocked those who advised them to fear Allah and to not go to these places yet it took the coronavirus to make them fear and stop going to such places.
    3. SubhanAllah! niqabis had been mocked all their life for wearing face veil and gloves yet today the whole world wears gloves and face masks.
    4. Allah forbade hands shaking or physical contact between men and women who aren’t Mahrams yet only a few obeyed. But today people don’t shake hands from the fear of the virus catching and not from the fear of Allah.

Oh, Dear Ummah!

when will we wake up?

This Is the perfect occasion to question ourselves and turn back to Allah before we return to him!! 

Allah wants us to wake up! SubhanAllah!
We fear the creation and not the creator!!! This is a message from Allah that with all the advanced technology that we have today it couldn’t beat a small virus that Allah sent that can’t be even seen!!! 

If Allah wanted he could have destroyed us long ago in a second and replaced us! But his unlimited mercy took over and he still gives us chances every day and forgives us no matter how high our sins reached!

Just one tear of regret is enough for him to wipe all our sins. 

Today everyone fears death from the virus but if this virus disappears tomorrow no one will fear death anymore and things will go back to normal as if this plague never came!

If death will never come to us! The sad part is that we do not learn the lesson so ponder upon that … 

May Allah guide us all and protect us, Ameen. 

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