Which Printer Is Best For Office Use?

Which Printer Is Best For Office Use?

Which printer to choose: the advantages of a multifunctional
Surely choosing a multi-function printer is the best one if in addition to printing you also need to photocopy, scan and fax.

In particular, multi-function printers generally have excellent characteristics in terms of:

speed of printer:

Especially if you print regularly. It is measured in ppm (pages per minute). Keep in mind that a normal home printer has a speed of around 20ppm for black and white and low resolution pages. Printers for more professional use, on the other hand, range from 30 ppm upwards even for color prints. The difference will seem small to you, but I assure you it is abysmal, especially if you print many pages together.


which in addition to being very convenient, allows you to save on paper.


Multi function printers are normally equipped with Wifi or other wireless connection systems (Bluetooth). In this way you can connect your computer, smartphone or tablet in an instant simply through the internet connection, without having to resort to the connection with wires that are certainly uncomfortable and not very aesthetic.

The next paragraph is dedicated to those who need to print high quality images or photos. If you are not interested, skip to the next paragraph.

Are you a photographer? Watch out for colors!

The number of colors used for printing is very important especially if you are printing photographs.
In fact, most home and office printers print in full color, therefore using 4 types of ink: cyan, magenta, yellow and black. To recognize it, check that the printer has the initials CMYK, from the English Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, black.

So if you need a photo printer, make sure it prints in 6 colors, i.e. using 6 different types of ink: cyan, magenta, yellow, black, plus:

Green and orange, which allow greater rendering of bright colors, such as fluorescent colors or electric blue (abbreviation CMYOG, where “O” stands for “Orange” and “G” for Green)
Light cyan and light magenta, which enhance the shades (abbreviation CcMmYK, where “c” stands for light cyan, and “m” for light magenta)

But how? You told me there was a solution!

And in fact there is! I found myself in the same situation as you, wondering if it was appropriate to give up a bit of print quality in exchange for speed and savings, or vice versa …

And here I started thinking … what if there was a way to get the “pros” of one and the other solution?

Think about it … Imagine a printer that:

  • It has a relatively low cost
  • It has the performance of a laser printer
  • And the quality of an inkjet printer.

    Ok, you can stop imagining.

  • The solution exists. These are the printers
  • Epson WorkForce Pro series
  • These gems are inkjet printers that however have many features of a laser printer.

A perfect fusion!

But let’s see in more detail the characteristics of this type of printer:

Low running costs. It is powered by high-capacity ink tanks, which reduce the cost of copying by up to 50% compared to competitive laser printers.
Save time! Despite being an inkjet printer, it ensures a speed very similar to that of laser printers, and does not require initial preheating.

Attentive to the environment. It consumes up to 80% less energy than competitive color laser printers, and does not emit ozone.
Super quiet. Thanks to the absence of the cooling fan. Don’t underestimate this feature, especially if you use the printer for several hours a day!
Perfect for the office. The head with Precision Core technology guarantees high print quality, as well as the print speed required in the office or in commercial and industrial settings. Thanks to the use of DURA Brite Ultra inks, prints dry quickly, and leave no smudges!

Color touch screen. For quick access to all functions!
All the comforts of a Wifi multi function. Scanning, printing from USB stick, photocopying and faxing
Automatic duplex, both for scanning and printing.

Some tricks to save even more!
Print on both sides when possible, or even 2 pages per sheet
Do not leave the printer on Stand By, but turn it off when you do not use it for a while
Choose Buffetti cartridges, which have a very low cost compared to the original cartridges and guarantee your printer 100% from unlikely damage!
Discover all the features of Buffetti cartridges.

in summary:

Before you put your hand to your wallet and hit the cheapest printer, always remember to ask yourself the right questions, especially about the print frequency and the print quality you want to get;
Remember that the goal of those who sell you a printer is actually to sell you the cartridges. The initial savings are only apparent!

In our opinion, the ink tank printer is the best solution in most cases, because it combines the positive aspects of a laser with those of an inkjet and allows you to save in the long run!
If you have made it this far, congratulations! I hope this article was useful to you.

If you want to clarify your ideas even more, I suggest you also read the article: Copy and print yield cost: save your wallet and print more!

If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, leave a comment and we’ll be happy to answer!

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Which Printer Is Best For Office Use?

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