Who I Am?

Who am i ???

My name is umm. Ibrahim, Italian/Algerian, living in Sweden, Instagrammer/YouTuber, photographer, polyglot, entrepreneur, and dawah woman. 

For my Family

 I’m a daughter, sister, wife, and mum of 2 beautiful boys

For my Friends

My name is bintermanno, Sister and Niqabi, Twiny (for my sister @hoorie_dawah_sister ).

For Brothers

My name is sister, red passport, marriage proposal, fitna, and awrah.

but At the Airport

My name is random search, bomb …

On the Street

My name is submitted to her husband, oppressed, Allahu AKBAR, extremist, and Batman. 

On the News

My name is Isis, jihadi, suspect, radical Muslim, and terrorists.

For ALlah

I’m a beautiful servant.

“We have created man in the best form” Quran “95.4”

For ALlah

I’m a Muslimah, who submitted her will to her only God. A precious sinner who always ask her lord for forgive and a striving believer.


Who I Am?

PS: Yes I was freezing a bit and the Beautiful Jilbab from @deendunyastore.

Meet the Blogger



Allah makes the impossible, Possible

Assalam – o – Alaikum Sisters and Brothers! I will be writing to help you understand and learn Islam. May Allah ease our path to Jannah. Barak Allahu Feekum

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